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Continuous Testing in .Net with NCrunch

Continuous Testing, running unit tests continually, has existed in the Ruby community for some time. NCrunch brings continuous testing to the .Net community! NCrunch runs your unit tests continually while you type reducing the TDD loop from Write Tests->Write Code->Compile->Run … Continue reading

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Service Stack vs WCF Data Services

In this post I’m going to kick the tires on WCF Data Services and Service Stack. Service Stack offers claims of a much cleaner programming model than traditional WCF services in addition to impressive performance numbers compared to the Entity … Continue reading

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localhost + .Net with Fiddler

It is fairly common for a .Net web application to use ASP.Net as the UI tier and WCF services in the middle tier. After an application has grown in complexity, it can be difficult to see how and what WCF … Continue reading

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