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Deploying a .Net Web Application to IIS with Powershell

Overview: Below is a script which compiles a .Net C# web application, connects to a remote Windows Server, installs IIS and then installs the web application! This script is meant to maintain multiple test environments spread across different machines. MSDeploy … Continue reading

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Ubuntu First Impressions

I thought I’d stretch my developer legs and venture into the Linux forest from the green Windows pasture where I spend most of my time. My First thoughts: Virtual Box is straight forward Good documentation and options of how to … Continue reading

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IEnumerable Guard Clause Best Practice

IEnumerable is C#’s built-in implementation of the iterator design pattern. It’s very powerful. Below is how to iterate through IEnumerable in C#: The Gotcha. IEnumerable defers execution until code actually acts on the elements returned from IEnumerable. This also defers … Continue reading

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RAM Disk and SQL Server

I use Continuous integration as part of an Agile development cycle. I constantly struggle to make functional tests run fast enough. Ideally they are run after every build and at the very least they are run every night. I have … Continue reading

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Thrift API Versioning with .Net

SOA Versioning Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) expose a set of services using a platform independent method. With hosting any service you inevitably require changes, which are not backwards compatible. When deploying a new version with changes which are not backwards … Continue reading

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Windows Workflow First Thoughts

I have come across Windows Workflow (WF) a few times and it appears to be a powerful framework, but it’s been a bit too daunting to use. In this post I takes some time to dig into WF, with the … Continue reading

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Thrift MSBuild Task

Thrift has an interface definition language (IDL), which is used to defineĀ a thrift service and structures. This interface is saved in a .thrift file and ran through the Thrift compilerĀ to generate C#, Java, Perl or a code for dozen other … Continue reading

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