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EmEditor – A Text Editor for reeeeeally long lines

I recently had a 20 megabyte HTML file with very long lines of text. Almost all 20 megabytes was on a single line in the file. My favorite editors Visual Studio 2010 and Notepad++ both were unable to handle it. … Continue reading

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DevOps the next frontier

TDD and unit testing entered mainstream programming more than a decade ago. They have become so common place now, that I can not imagine creating a new project without writing appropriate unit tests. In my professional work I find I’m … Continue reading

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UberCart vs Drupal Commerce

Drupal has several modules available for creating an online store. The most popular three are UberCart, Drupal Commerce and e-Commerce. UberCart appeared to be the most popular, so I elected to use it for my store. After making considerable progress … Continue reading

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