UberCart vs Drupal Commerce

Drupal has several modules available for creating an online store. The most popular three are UberCart, Drupal Commerce and e-Commerce. UberCart appeared to be the most popular, so I elected to use it for my store. After making considerable progress and nearing completion,  I realized a critical feature – Canadian taxes – was missing. A frantic search to discover how to enable Canadian taxes found no solutions with UberCart, but I did discover a ready-made Canadian Tax module for Drupal Commerce. I have since switched over to Drupal Commerce. My store is still not complete, but here are my thoughts:

  • Commerce is newer than UberCart. It was started by some of the UberCart developers
  • Commerce has optional paid support.
  • Both appear to have community support. Commerce is slightly better in this regard.
  • Commerce feels more robust and better thought through. It does not have all the legacy ‘cruft’ of UberCart.
  • Commerce needed more custom-work for my needs than UberCart. However the custom-work was all very straight forward and intuitive.

Overall, both products are very similar. If I’m to roll a dice, I would guess Drupal Commerce will be more popular in 2 years time. Given all other things are equal, I think Drupal commerce is the smart choice right now.

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4 Responses to UberCart vs Drupal Commerce

  1. Green guy says:

    Well there’s nothing “special” about Canadian taxes. You set up the rates and set up the rules when to apply the rates. The main learning curve would be the rules themselves but if you are running a Drupal website you should be learning those along with views.

    • codealoc says:

      Taxes seems pretty fundamental to any store in North America. I expect that sort of thing to be available out of the box. I could build a store from scratch – that would be a crazy undertaking. I also don’t really want to understand Drupal Views and Rules – I just want to add products to the store. This could be an unrealistic expectation, but CMS’s are mature products and I would expect a lot of this to just work. I am very, very new to Drupal overall. My overall impression is that it’s very powerful and will do anything you need, but you will to understand how it works under the hood. It’s not as simple as I had expected.

  2. Greg Nowak says:

    Hi Thanks for the great short review. That is what I needed to decide which commerce solution I should use on the danish shoe forum: http://skoforum.dk

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