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Mac OSX – Where are my Unix folders?

Mac OSX helps by hiding the unix folders. As a new user to Mac, this can be confusing to see folders appear in terminal, but not in finder. To show all files in Finder: 1. In termal type: defaults write … Continue reading

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Eclipse – Creating a jar file

File -> Export -> Java -> Jar file. Okay that was easy, but surely there’s way to do it with Maven? … after installing maven and spending less than a minute reading the XML, I realized I really am not … Continue reading

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PowerShell tee-object limitations

sdsdI currently have a script that is executed as follows: .\script.ps1 “param1” “param2” 2>&1 | tee -filePath buildlog.txt I would like it to not require the -tee parameter and instead have the logging to both the console and file encapsulated … Continue reading

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Drupal – Module Updates

While managing my Drupal site, I was prompted with a security warning that looked as follows: All available updates were also displayed: I’m impressed how well third party modules automatically display updates – especially  critical security updates. The links to … Continue reading

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My first eclipse

I haven’t used Java much in the last 10 years since I left university. I figure it’s been long enough that I should see how the platform has progressed. Eclipse is one of, or possibly the most popular IDE for … Continue reading

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Project Euler – Math Is Fun

I recently came across Project Euler – A cool site with interesting math problems to solve. It has hundreds of problems to solve and it keeps track of what problems you have solved. The site also lists the number of … Continue reading

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Converting HTML Table to CSV

I recently had a table of information on an HTML page, and I wanted to load that into excel. Sometimes, it is possible to simply copy and paste the information to Excel, but in my case the information was color … Continue reading

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