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Windows 8 on Retina Display

Apple has not released official support for the new Retina displays. Here is what currently does not work with my Mac: Gestures. In MacOS, Two finger swiping works amazing and side scrolling works as expected. In Windows it does not. … Continue reading

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WCF Data Service – OData 1 Year Later

A year ago I began a new project and we investigated what frameworks and tools to use. OData promised a simple and stanardized RESTful interface for CRUD operations. It leveraged many widely used and standard web technologies such as ATOM, … Continue reading

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MSDeploy with HTTPS

MSDeploy is great… once you have it working. Installing MSDeploy can a horrible, painful process. I’m in the process of compiling a list of the errors I had to hopefully save other people some pain. Right now I want to … Continue reading

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Powershell – essential tidbits

One of the killer features of powershell is to remotely manage machines. The ability to actually manage a remote machine is not enabled out of the box. It requires poking holes in the firewall and adding a few key plugins. … Continue reading

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Calling SQL From Powershell

With SQL Server 2008 it became a lot easier! Just register the SQL SQL Server snapins and then invoke SQL Commands. The names of the snappins are a little obtuse. I created a script in my C:\powershellscripts\ folder wrapping them … Continue reading

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Java – static import

static import is an interesting feature absent in C#. The Java pages warns to not abuse it. It allows you to reference static methods within a class as if they belonged to the current class. Before Static Import: After … Continue reading

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