Windows 8 on Retina Display

Apple has not released official support for the new Retina displays. Here is what currently does not work with my Mac:

  1. Gestures. In MacOS, Two finger swiping works amazing and side scrolling works as expected. In Windows it does not.
  2. With external monitors plugged in to a Macbook with Retina display, all screens are scaled. Ie, with properly sized fonts on the Macbook, you will have giant fonts on your external monitors.
  3. Right Mouse Click. Considerable googling has still not solved this :S It works, but you have to press and wait for a half second longer than with Mac OS.
  4. Where is the #@$@ Start menu? Thankfully Stardock has come to the rescue with Start 8. (Not a problem with Boot Camp, but still a problem).

Ya, ya ‘why am I installing Windows on a Mac?’ is a good question. Until Visual Studio runs on a Mac I will be running both.

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