TypeScript = Javascript++?

Microsoft announced a brand new programming language today – TypeScript! TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. Their goal with this language is to make it easier to write large scale JavaScript applications. TypeScript includes many popular features found in other languages such as class-based inheritance, interfaces and modules. It’s an early beta and how it currently implements interfaces is not as explicit as I like, but it’s better than JavaScripts existing support – none.

TypeScript Compiler resembles early C++ compilers that simply translated C++ to C code. Over time C++ with it’s class-based inheritance gained in popularity and dedicated compilers were developed. Maybe TypeScript will have a similar fate as C++?

TypeScript certainly has a lot going for it. It brings several key features that many developers will appreciate, there’s only a very small learning curve coming from JavaScript, it integrates directly within Microsoft’s excellent Visual Studio suite and the whole thing is open source principals. It’s far too early to say how popular it will become, but I’m hopeful.

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2 Responses to TypeScript = Javascript++?

  1. Actually, there is already a project called JavaScript++ (jspp.javascript.am), which does even more than TypeScript, so Microsoft isn’t revolutionary.

    • codealoc says:

      That’s really cool I’ve never heard of it… and it’s been out for a long, long time! I guess like many of Microsofts products they didn’t invent it, but they will add polish and integration with Visual Studio and (hopefully) raise the bar of web scripting languages and related dev tools.

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