Building a site – Part 2

Implementing towards Alpha

Now that I have the initial idea for, the next thing to do was to figure out the big technical unknowns of the project:

  1. How to get the current users window & detect if the user is moving the mouse or touching the keyboard.
  2. How to build a WPF application
  3. Azure.

I maintained a page (Chicken scratches is more realistic description) of the ‘vision’ of the project that I referred to keep me focused. At all times I maintained a very small prioritized TODO list of 5-8 items. I got one or two nights a week to work on this project so I would work on the top priority item. Note: Evernote is awesome for managing notes and links. I kept the list short and regularly threw out todo items if the list got too long or an item wasn’t as important as it was 2 weeks ago. Over time todo items naturally became evolved from epics ~ “Setup website on Azure” to “Add ‘That day has no history <div>’ with javascript when JSON contains no daily results”.

Ultimately I was simply applying several agile practices. They worked extremely well with 1-man project – more than anything they kept it structured and kept it moving forward.

Before long I had a prototype outputting information from Windows to a CSV file, a test using Azure Table Storage and a basic WPF application. Next I have to bring it all together…

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