Building a site – Part 4

Version 1 Released!!!

It’s released! is live! It actually does something useful. Yay!  This is kinda cool. Now what? What do I want to do with it?

I’m not sure what to do with it. Honestly, towards the end I lost interest in it. It started as a way to learn and once I found the learning was no longer happening, my motivation to continue waned. In the future I think i’ll work towards projects that can be monetized – or some other carrot on the stick to help push myself towards the end goal.

It was super interesting. I learned a lot more than I had hoped for – especially on the design side of an application.

Lessons learned:

  • Start Small. VERY Small. It takes a surprisingly large amount of time to do anything. This is the single thing and I can’t repeat enough.
  • Really think hard about what you want to do before starting. I’m not talking about designing everything or developing a massive plan. Things take forever to build. It’s almost a certainty that the “I can build that in a weekend” app is actually a months worth of weekends.
  • Stay focused. Keep a plan, a list, notes, etc. Always know what to do next.
  • Show (the right) people. The right people can be incredible motivators. Showing another programmer a geeky tool like this can yield an excited response. Showing this to a girlfriend, regardless of how great, might not (and did not for me) yield a great response.
  • Enjoy it. If it starts to feel like work, you’re doing something wrong – change the plan, change what you’re doing, change something. It should be fun!

It was a fun project. Now I’m in the brainstorming stage of my next project… until next time. Mark.

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