Upgrading to Drupal Core 7.19

Drupal Core updates need manual intervention. It’s understandable that upgrading Drupal Core is more difficult than automatic upgrades of plugins. Having a running program upgrade it self while it is currently running is no easy task. I’ve held off upgrading the core on my web site for some time – my site is simple and the security patches haven’t affected us.

Unfortunately, my site admin has been diligently upgrading other modules over time. The drupal upgrade process for the most part has been painless. We were stuck in a position where the site required us to upgrade a dev module to a release module and we weren’t able to automatically. There was a strange dependency (that is currently slipping my mind) and we were forced to manually delete files and restart the entire server. Other than that I have been hands-off on the site for the most part.

Now unfortunately the latest Drupal Commerce depends on a newer version of Drupal Core. I’m surprised it let us put the system in an invalid state, but there’s no point complaining about or situation. The fix is simple enough – I need to upgrade Drupal Core!

For the most part I hope I just need to follow this: http://drupal.org/node/1494290

Part 1: Backup

I really should have a regular backup of the site. I don’t and for now I’m just interested in a one time backup. My site is hosted on CPanel and backing up a mysql database is shockingly simple. From the main dashboard you select Files->Backup->MySQL Backup and select your database. That downloads a SQL file. To restore a database, simply upload the downloaded file on the same page. Wow. That was too simple. There’s the Weekly Backup link staring me in the eye. I really should automate downloading those weekly backups.

Part 2: Install

The installation is simple. First, delete all files except for the Sites folder. Next download Drupal core from http://drupal.org/project/drupal and unzip everything EXCEPT for the sites folder. Login to Drupal and take the site out of maintenance mode. And finally restart the web server for the changes to take affect.

That’s it! So far everything is working great. Again Drupal has proven itself easy to manage – even for a clueless Drupal admin like myself. After logging in, I see all modules are up-to-date and hopefully there is no more maintenance for some time to come.

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