Installing IIS with Chocolatey

Chocolatey is one of those technologies that I find very exciting. Installing applications is hardly an arduous task, but being able to do it from the command line is damn cool. And it’s really a feature that Windows should have by now.

While installing IIS on a new computer, I discovered that Chocolatey has expanded it’s feature set to include installing Windows Features.

PS C:\> cWindowsFeatures IIS-WebServerRole
PS C:\> cWindowsFeatures IIS-ISAPIFilter
PS C:\> cWindowsFeatures IIS-ISAPIExtensions
PS C:\> cWindowsFeatures IIS-NetFxExtensibility
PS C:\> cWindowsFeatures IIS-ASPNET

PS C:\> chocolatey install evernote
PS C:\> chocolatey install resharper

The resulting output looks like this:


That’s all there is to it! This is not all that much faster than doing it from the UI, but it is now simple to automate this via Powershell!

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