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Jenkins + GitHub, MSBuild, MSTest (and SpecFlow)

After experimenting with SpecFlow a bit, now I want to try and run the tests automatically with Jenkins. It turns out it was incredibly easy. Really there are just 4 straight forward steps, which I think are best explained with … Continue reading

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BDDing with SpecFlow

Unit testing and TDD have become standard development practices for some time. Unit Testing helps build loosely coupled software and it verifies code is functioning correctly. Where it comes up short is verifying if the software being built actually satisfies … Continue reading

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DotNetFlume Client Pre-Release with Avro!

I spent considerable effort porting the Java Avro RPC support to C#. The Avro C# RPC code has recently been merged into the Avro SVN trunk. I’ve been using the patch at work for several months now with no problems. … Continue reading

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The Release Manager – whatsgoingon.exe

Versioning software is a large topic. When working in an Agile Software environment, where you’re releasing small, frequent releases it can be very difficult to know what goes in to each release. On a large enterprise project I work on, … Continue reading

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Installing IIS with Chocolatey

Chocolatey is one of those technologies that I find very exciting. Installing applications is hardly an arduous task, but being able to do it from the command line is damn cool. And it’s really a feature that Windows should have … Continue reading

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Building a site – Part 4

Version 1 Released!!! It’s released! is live! It actually does something useful. Yay! ┬áThis is kinda cool. Now what? What do I want to do with it? I’m not sure what to do with it. Honestly, towards the end … Continue reading

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Building a site – Part 3

Continuing Development as life happens It is challenging to maintain momentum on a side project with Christmas, Snowboarding, work, TV and many other things going on. Those combined with a 3 week coding break almost killed my side project. Luckily … Continue reading

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